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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How bra stores seem to think things work:

Anything smaller than a C cup: must be pre-pubescent. Ugly patterns, and colours. Lot's of animals and stripes.
C to D cup: A woman! Pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.
Anything over a D cup: Beige. Lots and lots of beige.


"guess we cant have different opinions on tumblr"

nah son. an opinion is like “orange juice is nasty” or “fall out boy is overrated”

"your gender identity is ridiculous and you dont deserve to have it respected" is straight up bullshit and you should be called out on it


worst pain imaginable


Kuchipudi is one of the well-known Classical Indian Dance form from Andhra Pradesh, India. The name Kuchipudi has origin from the name of a village “KUCHELAPURAM” with resident Brahmins practicing this traditional dance form. The movements in Kuchipudi are comparatively faster than in other Indian classical dance form. It shares many common elements with Bharatanatyam

The performance usually begins with some stage rites, after which each of the character comes on to the stage and introduces him/herself with a dharavu (a small composition of both song and dance) to introduce the identity, set the mood, of the character in the drama. The drama then begins. The dance is accompanied by song which is typically Carnatic music. The singer is accompanied by mridangam (a classical South Indian percussion instrument), violinflute and the tambura (a drone instrument with strings which are plucked). Ornaments worn by the artists are generally made of a light weight wood called Boorugu. It originated in the seventh century.


being a carefree black girl has nothing to do with actually having no cares. to me it literally just means being alive and carving out tiny pockets of happiness and freedom in this shitty ass society that is trying to mentally destroy you for existing.




im glad i dont have a thigh gap i almost dropped my phone into the toilet but i caught it with thunder and lightning

why did you name your legs

because you name things you love and respect. respect the power of the thighs!!!

I’m a little tipsy and chatting with the hunni
This easter is fuckin great

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